We offer a range of creatives services to meet your needs for special events or for sharing family memories. If you have an idea that you do not see here, please call us to discuss.


Photo Slideshows

Celebrate a person, event, or a bit of family history. From birth to graduation to retirement, we preserve any of life’s occasions! We present our slideshows on long lasting, archival quality discs with thermally bonded labels. We artfully create labels using a photo and text that you select, and we present your discs in a protective case, ready for display.

Have an idea to put together various clips from your videotape collection to create a special video montage? Something for a birthday, an anniversary or retirement? Let one of our skilled video editors work with you to do it right and put the polish on to make it truly special.

Video Editing

All 8mm film, and most Super8mm film is silent. There is no audio that was recorded at the time that the scenes were filmed. After we have transferred your film, we offer you the opportunity to create a recorded narrative which we will then add to the film as an audio track. This is a perfect way to bring new life and greater meaning to your old family movies, and provide and enriching experience for future generations of your family

Film Narration


Is your closet chock full of photographs? Do you have a basement full of videotapes, boxes of letters and documents, or your parents old home movies gathering dust or risking ruin? It may seem like an insurmountable challenge to digitize and organize these materials into something that enriches and renews your family narrative, but we have experienced people to help you. Get sound advice to make intelligent decisions based on your needs and budget. Call now

custom photo books

Photobooks can be the best way to share your memories in a meaningful way with children and grandchildren, with photos and text weaved together in an artful way. But working on your own with online programs can be a frustrating, time consuming experience that leads to unsatisfactory results. So let us help, and deliver to you exactly the results you desire.

Life Stories

Your parents and grandparents have a narrative story that must be passed on. They have memories that only they possess and will be gone unless you do something to preserve them. A Familyography Life Story is the best way to accomplish this.

We invite your loved one to our comfortable studio, and engage in an structured conversation that we video, to capture recollections of their parents and grandparents, of growing up, of children and special life events. We can also integrate selected photographs into the video for a special effect. After doing hundreds of life story interviews, the feedback is 100% positive. Your legacy is preserved for generations to come, and your loved ones have the knowledge that they will be remembered, virtually forever.


You want to dig deeper into your family history, but have run into a brick wall, wasting time and money fruitlessly exploring this or that online resource. We can have skilled genealogists to do as little or as much as you need. Call us for information.

From photo montages to oil paintings, we have skilled artists to create that one-of-a-kind tribute to your family.

artistic composition