At only $8.95 per 50 ft of 8mm film, with no hidden cost, we offer the best price for high quality work anywhere. See about pricing for all film types by clicking here.

We use State-of-the-Art equipment manufactured in the USA by Movie Stuff, Inc. to get the best frame-by-frame film transfer. Never any flicker. Uniform lighting corner to corner. No white out or glare. Color rejuvenated. Images as sharp and as crisp as they can be.

You choose the media that your transfer goes on--DVD or External Hard Drive. (extra charge for Hard Drive)

Plus, we never charge for things like “set up”, or “editing”, or “master DVDs” to pad your bill. And we clean all film before processing. You get real personal service to make sure your order is done right. All of our work is done in-house.  Nothing is shipped to another state or country, ever! 

Formats we support include:

  • 8mm

  • Super 8mm

  • Super 8 with sound

  • 16mm

  • 16mm with sound

  • 9.5mm (Pathe)


  • $8.95 per 50ft – Regular 8 and Super 8mm

  • $8.95 per 50ft – Super 8 with Sound

  • $10.95 per 50 ft – 16mm

  • $14.95 per 50ft - 9.5mm (Pathe)

  • $4.00 additional per 50 ft for film with Sound

Additional Info:

  • No set up fees.

  • Titles, chapter markers and music included at no extra charge.

  • Our most popular “music” is the hum of an old running movies projector! Customers say it brings back memories and is easy to talk over.Other options are available.

  • We edit all of our film conversions to restore color and contrast.

  • Nothing is shipped. All work is done at our store.

  • Want your stuff on an external hard drive or other media? No problem! Lets talk about it!

  • We offer extra copies at a very low cost.

  • Your film is returned to you, in better condition than received!