The Most Important Narrative

Everyone has a point of view, a context which informs one’s perspective on the world. It guides one’s thoughts and actions. It helps form our values and judgments. We get this point of view from several sources. Our schooling and education. The news and our choices about where we get our news. And most importantly, our family. Family is important because it is the only one we can control, and it is the most personal. And in this regard, “family” is not just what it is now, but the journey, the path, the chain of being that connects the past to the present, and the present to the future. And its important for families to create and nurture their narratives to give their children a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and a sense of worthiness. Your family narrative is made up of stories, and stories are reinforced by artifacts— photos, movies, video, letters and documents- which serve to enrich memories, and also to prompt questions which help fill out and add to the stories. So it is important- hugely important- that we do what is necessary to pass on our photos and all the rest of our stuff to our children and so on. And this means putting into digital form. Regardless of the specifics of your family narrative, it will inform your progeny in ways that schools and the media cannot.