So we do a lot of big projects— people who have thousands of slides, a couple dozen photo albums, and/or boxes of videotape. And the question everyone asks is “how much is this going to cost? My favorite retort, usually given after I size up the customer’s sense of humor, is “not as much as your tombstone, but its worth a lot more!” Then I offer an explanation- that fifty years from now, the reality is that it is likely that no one in your family will be visiting your grave . We live in a mobile world, and families move apart and away. But your memories, once digitized, can travel with and be shared by all branches of your family. So, fifty years from now, one hundred years, or two hundred years from now, your progeny will have the ability to look at pieces of your live— maybe even learn something from it— and maybe even thank you for your contribution to their life. We all desire some little measure of immortality and remembrance. You will not find it in a tombstone. But you will in the work that we do for you. That is priceless.