You're not as smart as you think you are (And neither am I)

People call the store all the time, and one of the things they say is that “they will be in as soon as they have gone through things and picked out the important ones,” referring to photos, slides, home movies or videotape. For years, I tried to gently explain to them that they should do their best to not be the judge and jury about what is or is not important. I mean, sure, if you have four photos of the same baby at the same time and in the same chair eating the same bowl of baby food, maybe, it is okay to not digitize them all. But other than that, we really do not, and cannot know what is, or will be in the future “important.” Lately, I have been more blunt with people. I just smile and tell them “Don’t do that—You are not as smart as you think you are.” Then I try to explain to them that none of us really know what will be important.

Put another way, people are selling themselves short when they do not push all of their family memories forward. They and their family history is far more important than they can imagine, and the value of their investment in the future will reap untold benefits for their children, grandchildren and their grandchildren. In other words. It is and will be important. So be smart, digitize all your stuff.

Daniel SmithFamilyography