True Confessions

Another question folks ask is “How soon will my project be done?” Most of the time, we can give you a pretty good idea about this. But if truth be told, sometimes we miss the mark and in the final analysis, speed is not our first priority. Let me explain:

For a lot of big box outfits, speed is the first priority. To achieve this speed, they will convert things at the lowest possible resolution (less data equals faster processing). To be fastest, they will not deal with problem issues. If they have a problem with a videotape, they will send it back to you rather than try to fix it. If stuff is dirty, they will return it to you rather than clean them. Because these things slow the business down.

At Familyography, speed is important too. But not at the expense of quality. You usually have one shot at getting this stuff right, and we want to make sure you have the best value for your money. We take the time to fix difficult or broken tapes, often at no expense to you. If we see that stuff is dusty or has mold, we will do our best to clean it and get the best transfer possible.

There are other reasons for missing the mark too. Say, a piece of equipment breaks and needs repaired. Or, we see a problem that suggests that we should do a thorough quality check (like, for example, if we see that the audio drops off on a videotape). Sometimes a person comes in and just has a more urgent need for something— like needing a reel of film converted so that a person in hospice can watch and reminisce in his or her finals days. We try to accommodate everyone’s needs.

But we never compromise the quality of our work.