Got your back...up?

People lose things. Its human nature. Recently, a customer called. A few years ago, she had dropped off her wedding video to be converted to DVD. We did it, she was happy, and life went on, right? Well, this customer and her husband later moved overseas for work, and left her wedding video in the care of her mother. And upon return, the wedding video was nowhere to be found. So she called us, and yep, we had it. As a matter of practice, we keep a copy of customer files on our back-up hard drives, off line and secure, just in case you need something in the future. We were able to burn her another disc and put the file on a USB flash drive for her as well.

A happy ending. But it reminds me to remind you that especially as we move away from DVDs and other “hard” forms of storing family memories, its important to “back up” your stuff. One copy is not enough.

And in the event that you lose things, as most people do, remember that if you got it done at Familyography, the odds are good that we can keep your loss from being permanent.