The Better Deal

Its now the time of year when I get my shorts all bunched up because I see all these online ads for 40, 50 or 60% off! So let me explain why:

  1. 50% off a regular price of $29.95 is still $15.00.

  2. There usually are other fees. “Set up” fees, or fees for DVDs, etc…

  3. The materials used are cheap. Low quality DVDs or USB drives are the usual fare, and you won’t know the difference until they fail three or four years from now.

  4. Low quality conversion. There is a difference. Its cheaper to burn a low quality digital video file, but it will look lousy on your screen, especially a big screen.

  5. Lousy packaging. Paper sleeves, not genuine, top-grade DVD cases. Bar codes on DVDs instead of good labeling.

  6. Don’t forget the cost of shipping.

I don’t claim that Familyography is always the least expensive, but we are always extremely competitive, and in the long run give you the best value for your buck. And, we do offer genuine discounts at various times and for volume or bulk orders. So make sure you you check us out. You will be glad you did.

Daniel Smith