We are not Walgreens

A customer came in this morning. Almost in tears, carrying a large box of video tape. She had come from Walgreens, where, a month before, she had taken her videotapes to be transferred to DVD. The “kid” behind the counter, she said, told her that the tapes were “bad” and the video recording on them was “lost.”

Its a story I have heard before, because the big box companies do not like converting tapes which look like trouble, it think because it slows them down. This lady’s tapes had a lot of dust on them, but they didn’t look damaged, so I took one out, wiped down the outside to clear the dust away, and popped it in a VCR. It played just fine. I told her that if there were any tapes that gave us trouble, we were usually able to fix them.

At this point, the lady did start to tear up. “I thought my tapes were ruined.” I explained to her my theory about why they were rejected. She had no idea that Walgreens did not do the work themselves. We had a more general conversation about whether she wanted her tapes put onto DVDs, an external hard drive, or both. Because she had four grown children, I explained why an external hard drive would be the economical choice for her children to copy and share the videos. Now smiling, she said “The kid at Walgreens didn’t explain any of this to me.” I smiled back. “We are not Walgreens,” I said.