The Right Stuff

This is a photograph of our newly refurbished Umatic videotape player. It cost a lot of money to fix. It is one of the first videotape players ever built primarily but not exclusively for the commercial market- televisions stations and the like. It is impossible to find one of these machines in what could be called new condition. Its full of belts and rubber parts that get old, stretch and crack (like me, lol). And it has a lot of electric motors, fuses and springs that can fail.

Its even harder to find a technician that can or still wants to work on Umatic players. They are older than the machines. But we found one- Rick, who runs Obsolete Video in Arizona. A great guy, and the machine we got from him was clean, oiled and completely refurbished. Just in time to get a stack of Umatic tapes done before the holidays for a couple patient customers.

I don’t think we will every recoup our investment in this refurbished machine, so why do we do them? Because its important that we are able to rescue every precious memory that families have. The Umatic tapes we digitize are sometimes the professional work of a father or grandfather. And sometimes a wedding that was one of the first captured without a film camera.

And if we are going to be entrusted with a families keepsakes, it is important that we have the right equipment, the right stuff, to do our work for you. This is true whether it involves film, videotapes, photos, slides or negatives. That’s why we always invest in the best equipment to use and work with. And that’s another reason why you should come to Familyography.