Our pricing strategy is designed to give you maximum value, not trick you into paying more than you should. And, unlike other outfits, we ask for only half up front, with the remaining balance paid when your project is completed. Request an estimate. We can offer discounts for large projects.  You will be surprised at how inexpensive we really are, really!


Videotape Transfer:

  • We charge only for how much you have recorded on each tape!
  • $10.95 – 30 min
  • $13.95 – 60 minutes
  • $16.95 – 120 minutes
  • Did we tell you? No added charges for discs, labeling, titles, or menus

Film Transfer:

  • $8.95 per 50ft – Regular and Super 8mm converted to 2K.
  • $8.95 per 50ft – Super 8
  • $10.95 per 50 ft – 16mm
  • Does your film have sound?  Only an additional $3.95 per 50 ft. to capture, enhance and perfectly sync the sound to your film.
  • Yup, that's right- No set up fees, no disc fees, no “master copy" fees.

Photo & Slide Transfer:

  • Photo Scans (up to 4×6) – 49 Cents
  • 35mm Slides – 49 Cents
  • 35mm Negatives – 59 Cents
  • Call for other sizes
  • We can make prints of anything we digitize!
  • We give discounts on large orders!

You Choose: DVDs – External Hard Drive – Flash Drive:

  • DVDs – Included in price of transfer. No additional cost.
  • DVDs and External Hard Drive – Add $99.00 (cost of hard drive included)
  • External Hard Drive Only – Add $49.00. No charge if you BYO
  • Flash Drive (good for photos, slides or negatives) Add $9.99 to $50.00 depending on size.
  • There are pros and cons to every media. Talk to us about it before you decide!


Most Restoration is covered for the charge of $29.95

In the rare case that additional work is necessary, it will be discussed before any work is commenced.


$129.00 for Custom Slideshow with 70 photographs. Burned to DVD. Three copies on disc provided.

Additional photos $2.00 each.

Life Stories:

$799.00, all inclusive. Additional charge of $5.00 each for additional photographs.

Audio Transfers:

  • Vinyl Recordings – $10.00 one side, 17.50 two sides
  • Cassette Recordings – $10.00 one side, $17.50 two sides
  • Reel to Reel – $20 each for small reels, $40.00 for large reels.  Additional editing charge is possible if audio is recorded on different speeds, separate tracks, etc.

Phone Transfers:

$8.95 per 4.0 Gigabites of Data.