Digitizing SERVICES

Preserving and passing on your family narrative is important. And families have all sorts of media that help push their narrative forward. That’s why we strive to digitize it all, including the rare and esoteric.  We also repair and restore all kinds of damaged media, including photos, home movies and videotape.

These days, you also have numerous options for digital storage - DVD, Hard Drives, Jump Drives, the Cloud and Online Streaming

Call us for great advice on the options which best meet your needs and budget!

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The quality and care we put into each videotape transfer will exceed your expectations. We transfer all kinds of videotape to DVD or any other format or media, and our pricing is designed to give you the best bang for your buck.



Familyography offers state-of-the-art film conversion for the lowest price in Ohio and elsewhere. Only $8.95 0r about 18 cents per foot for 8mm and Super 8mm film.  16mm and 9.5mm for not much more!

Take advantage of our brand new transfer system, the Retroscan Universal, to get the best true frame-by-frame film transfer in the world. No flicker whatsoever. White out and glare gone. Color rejuvenated. Images as sharp and as crisp as they can be.



All scanning is not created equal! All photos are flatbed scanned, and individually cropped and straightened to ensure the highest quality. We use the best equipment in the world to scan slides, providing you with a clear, crisp 5000 dpi image. Many outfits do not scan negatives because the process is time consuming, but we do and at a low price too. The method we use for scanning black and white negatives is unique and provides spectacular results.



Restore your damaged photographs and preserve them forever. Using Adobe Photoshop, our experienced photo editors can digitally repair any photograph (or any other image)  that has cracks, stains, fading , and other types of damage, and make prints that bring the image back to its original splendor.




A voice can bring back so many memories. Whether it is a recording of your father sharing stories, your mother playing piano, your grandparents singing in a choir, let us help you pass these memories on to future generations



Do you have photos or videos on your phone or tablet? Nervous about leaving your family memories stored in the Cloud? DVDs remain the cheapest, most reliable, most permanent form of storage.