Our pricing for videotape starts at only $8.95 per tape. Click here for pricing detail. The quality and care we put into each videotape transfer will exceed your expectations– click on the video to see one customer’s reaction. We transfer all kinds of videotape to DVD, Hard Drive, USB Drive or Online Streaming. Our pricing is tailored to give you the best bang for your buck.



  • VHS

  • Super VHS

  • VHS-C

  • Video 8

  • Hi8

  • Hi8XR

  • Digital 8

  • MiniDV

  • Beta

  • Betamax

  • Betacam

  • uMatic

Additional Info:

  • Blank spaces & television shows are also edited out of your videos. No extra charge.

  • Your video tapes are returned to you.

  • Nothing is shipped. All work is done at our store.

  • We offer extra copies at a very low price.

  • Want your stuff on an external hard drive or other media? No problem! Let’s talk about it!